2018 Annual Gala Honoree: Gabriel Hamani

As Chief Executive Officer of BHI, Gabriel Hamani expertly oversees the operations of his company and is highly committed to giving back to his community. To express our appreciation for his dedication to philanthropy, Delivering Good has named Hamani as one of its 2018 Annual Gala Honorees.

A driving force behind the rapid growth of BHI, Hamani dedicates a significant portion of his schedule to ensure that those in need are provided with dignity and strength. As CEO, Hamani is guiding the company into new and exciting ventures, all the while making sure to never deviate from the values that are rooted deep within the company and Hamani himself: the importance of family and community. “I grew up having a very close relationship with my family. It’s something that affected me deeply and defined the person I have become,” mentions Hamani. “Now that I’m a husband and father of three, I feel that I have an even greater purpose and responsibility to raise my children to become better people who care about each other, about their neighbors, their friends and the community they belong to.”

Hamani has always believed that providing a nurturing, giving and empowering environment, facilitates individuals to achieve their full potential, a concept which he not only instills within his company, but also in his passion for service. In addition, he puts great emphasis on the need for increasing the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts and ensuring that every employee receives ample opportunities to provide good to those in need.

Hamani notes, “The greatest achievement, as far as I’m concerned, is that in 2018, we were able to grow as a bank, to become an integral part of our clients’ lives, while giving back to the community and supporting not just the causes we believe in, but also the organizations and activities close to our clients’ hearts.” For his extensive corporate and philanthropic initiatives and success, Delivering Good is pleased to honor Hamani during this year’s Annual Gala in November.

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