2018 Annual Gala Honorees: Jamie Salter and Nick Woodhouse

As our 2018 Annual Gala is just a few days away, our work and efforts would be incomplete without the amazing support of two powerhouses in the fashion retail industry, Jamie Salter and Nick Woodhouse. With their immense passion for giving back, Delivering Good will be honoring these two influential individuals at this year’s Annual Gala, “Our Children, Our Future”.

Even though leading one of the world’s most successful brand development and licensing companies, Authentic Brand Group (ABG), can be immensely time-consuming, Jamie and Nick still find time to do good in their community. “Success to me means always growing and continuing to forge ahead into uncharted territories,” says Nick, President and CMO of ABG. “I practice gratitude for the many blessings and opportunities that life has given me.” Both individuals display a keen sense of what it means to support those who are underprivileged and to work with other individuals who have the same passion for impact. “My philosophy is, if you have something, you should share it,” notes Jamie, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ABG. “Giving back to the industry, community or company you’re a part of only lifts you up.”

Both stress the importance of teaching and self-reflection and how it is a critical factor when it comes to work as well as making sure that you pass on the same passion for giving back to future generations. “It’s essential to share your knowledge with those around you, especially the next generation,” mentions Jamie. “Collaborating, innovating and pushing to the next level as a team is what inspires and builds the leaders of tomorrow.” Nick continuously takes into consideration how to further his efforts in order to improve himself as well as his work. “Every day, I set aside time for self-reflection. I consider what I’ve done well, how I can improve and grow from my mistakes.” says Nick. Jamie and Nick have unselfishly dedicated many years to creating an extremely successful company that also continuously provides aid to those in need. Delivering Good is excited to be honoring both Jamie and Nick at our 2018 Annual Gala this coming Wednesday. We are so grateful for their commitment and support.


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