2019 Women of Inspiration Honoree: Maria Montaño

As we begin our countdown to one of our most anticipated events of the year, the Women of Inspiration Luncheon, we’ll be giving you a closer look at our honorees who have made historic achievements within their respective fields and have contributed to philanthropic efforts about which they are passionate.

We begin by sharing with you Maria Montaño’s inspiring story. Montaño serves as President and CEO of Gerber Childrenswear, one of the most iconic children’s clothing brands. “I love Delivering Good’s mission of helping kids and families. The concept of helping families in need is one that I would hope that everyone can agree upon,” says Montaño. “So, to be involved with an organization that is so highly trusted and does good in the world is an experience which makes me profoundly grateful.”

When asked about women who have inspired her, she responds, “It is difficult to name just one inspiration – there are so many! But like many, I have been inspired by my mother. She taught me early on not to expect any gratuities in life, but that anything I wanted was within my power to achieve. This concept of having no limits on my potential except those that I place on myself is one that drives me forward each and every day.” She also mentions that her children inspire her. “They have the capacity to grasp what is truly important and what is just noise, and in doing so, they have helped guide me to do the same.”

Montaño emphasizes the values of love, empathy, honesty, determination and grit on a daily basis and inspires every individual she meets. “Giving back doesn’t only need to be in the form of a donation; oftentimes giving your time and attention or encouraging others to give their time and attention is even more valuable.”

Delivering Good is excited to present this prestigious honor to Maria Montaño at our 13th annual Women of Inspiration Luncheon on June 12th at the Pierre Hotel. For more information about the event, please click here.

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