Coat Drive

I saw a little girl, named Charlene, clutching her new coat, and crying at our recent distribution event. I asked Charlene what was wrong, and why she was crying. She responded: “Nothing is wrong Mr. Tom; it is just that I have never had my very own jacket that I actually got to pick out. I’ve always had to wear my older brother’s hand-me-down coats that are so ugly and don’t fit me at all. My new jacket is so pretty, and it fits me perfect! I’m crying because I am so happy to have a nice jacket to wear to school this year and I don’t have to feel embarrassed about how I look.”

2021 marked the 15th anniversary of Burlington’s Annual Coat Drive when their customers and associates are encouraged to donate new and gently worn coats at their nearby Burlington store to help their neighbors in need. Burlington has long been committed to supporting the communities where they operate thanks to partnerships with national non-profit organizations like Delivering Good. For Burlington’s Coat Drive, Delivering Good matches their hundreds of store locations nationwide with local organizations who ensure the donated coats go to families and individuals in need.

Through our donations of new products, we are helping to address a wide range of issues that impact adults, children, and families in communities across the US and beyond.

In support of the 2021 Coat Drive, we matched 756 Burlington stores with more than 400 local partners who picked up the coats and distributed them to individuals in the communities they serve. In addition, to mark the 15th Anniversary of the Drive, Burlington donated an incredible 20,000 new coats that were matched with partners in their top 10 retail markets.

“As a caring company, we were pleased to celebrate our 15th Annual Burlington Coat Drive, providing warmth to those in need within our communities nationwide,” said Christopher Miller, Group SVP Marketing & Strategy, Burlington Stores. “Thanks to our partnership with Delivering Good, over the years we’ve distributed millions of coats to help those in need.”

Our long-standing partnership with Burlington has resulted in the donation of 2.4 million coats to date, providing warmth and peace of mind for families across the country.