A Special Luncheon Tribute to the Legacy of Edyth Bush

Edyth Bush was more than a philanthropist—she lived life to the fullest, inspiring countless individuals to give back to society and do good for those in need. At this year’s Women of Inspiration Luncheon, Delivering Good is proud to honor her legacy and celebrate Delivering Good’s partnership with the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation.

Delivering Good and the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation have provided critical assistance to individuals and families in need around the Central Florida region. As a result of the extraordinary work of both organizations, the City of Orlando recently declared April 24, 2019 as “Delivering Good Day.” Read more about the proclamation and celebration here.

While Mrs. Bush is no longer with us, her legacy lives on. We recently sat down with David Odahowski, President and CEO of the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation, to reflect on Edyth Bush’s legacy and the Foundation’s impact. Odahowski believes that in order to make a difference in our country and communities, “we need more trust and respect.” Reflecting on the communities the Edyth Bush Foundation serves, Odahowski says, “Communities who trust in each other, work better together.”

Through his role as President, CEO and Trustee of the Foundation, Odahowski believes his purpose in life is to serve others and to serve the legacy of Mrs. Bush.  Through her legacy, he is fortunate to help people help themselves. “The mission of Delivering Good addresses some very basic human needs,” he said.  “Their work goes a long way to prevent human suffering.”

When asked what giving back means to the Foundation, Odahowski noted, “Giving back is an interesting term, because it is like you have taken something away. The Foundation was set up by individuals who are exceedingly successful and generous. To us, they are not giving back, they are fulfilling a deep, moral and heartfelt obligation to give to those in need. For 45 years, we have been fulfilling the mandates that Mrs. Bush set forth and have been responsible for the improvement of the Central Florida community.”

Delivering Good is thrilled to be honoring the legacy of Mrs. Edyth Bush and the exemplary work of the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation at our 13th Annual Women of Inspiration Luncheon on June 12th at The Pierre Hotel. For more information, please click here.

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