Addressing Needs in the Golden State

As a result of the devastating wildfires in 2018, California has become a special focus for our organization’s recent disaster relief and recovery efforts. Last month, Lisa Gurwitch, President and CEO of Delivering Good, visited Southern California along with Board Chairman, Andrea Weiss, and Executive Committee member, Carole Postal, to connect and deepen relationships with multiple brands and engage with the community partner agencies that distribute product donations to impacted individuals and families in times of disaster and throughout the year.

As a national organization with a local impact, Delivering Good connects companies with the needs of people recovering from difficult situations through product donations. “These agencies really rely upon us to provide high-quality product,” mentions Lisa Gurwitch. “On a daily basis, there are acute local needs in Los Angeles and elsewhere throughout the state. Our product donors help place new product where it is needed most.”

Agencies such as Shelter Partnership, Working Wardrobes and The Salvation Army assist those with a variety of needs, including individuals who are re-entering the workforce. Shelter Partnership, located in Bell, California, has distributed donations provided by Delivering Good to over 260 organizations in the area. Located in Irvine, CA, Working Wardrobe ensures that individuals are ready for interviews and employment. The Salvation Army’s shelter, which Lisa, Andrea and Carole toured, provides housing and support services to veterans, seniors and others in challenging circumstances, from poverty and homelessness to substance abuse. Items on the most-needed lists for these community partners include socks, shoes and clothes for children and adults.

While Working Wardrobes focuses on the Irvine area, the agency has also collaborated with Delivering Good to provide essential items to the Chico, CA region following the Camp Fire. Recalling her experience at Working Wardrobes, Gurwitch says, “It is amazing how an entire region helps out anywhere they can throughout the state. Even with all of the disaster relief efforts, Working Wardrobes still has an acute local need for new shoes, belts and scarfs that are appropriate for people who are beginning the interviewing process for employment.”

While visiting the area, Gurwitch, Weiss and Postal met with California board members and previous honorees of Delivering Good’s Women of Inspiration Luncheon and Annual Gala who continue to serve as ambassadors on the West Coast.

For more information about partnering with Delivering Good – or to donate new product – please email [email protected].

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