DG x American Eagle Holiday Campaign

This holiday season, American Eagle and Delivering Good have partnered to help provide clothing and goods to those in need including homeless and underprivileged. The brand designed a Holiday Capsule Collection, including shirts, hoodies and winter hats, with 100% of sales supporting our mission. Prior to this initiative, American Eagle has been a supporter of Delivering Good’s mission and has provided over 70,000 brand new hats, accessories and gift boxes to young adults across the country.


Did you know? 

  • According to HUD’s 2014 Point-in-Time Report, 34% of the total homeless population is under 24.
  • The Department of Justice estimates that every year, over 1.7 million teens experience homelessness in the US.
  • Approximately 40% of homeless teens identify as LGBT.
  • Over 50% of young people in shelters and on the streets report that their parents told them to leave or knew they were leaving and didn’t care.

Source: www.dosomething.org


Learn more about our partnership at www.ae.com/AExDG