Back To School

Since our founding in 1985, Delivering Good has responded to disaster and poverty relief around the world with donations of new merchandise, helping distressed families and individuals recover their lives.

Puerto Rico & USVI are still rebuilding from the devastating hurricanes of 2017. We are working to provide back to school items to support students, grades K-12 and their families.

Specific items include apparel, backpacks, supplies, shoes and sports equipment. This program will also provide necessities for those children and families affected by poverty across the USA.


You, as our product donor, will be recognized in the Delivering Good newsletter, website and social media for your support and engagement.

Delivering Good will provide you with feedback from our community partners whenever possible.


We need your help with in-kind donations for products most in need. Work together with a well-respected charity to deepen your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts in support of disaster and poverty relief.


  • Apparel (All sizes)
  • Shoes (All sizes)
  • Backpacks & lunch packs
  • Back to School & Art supplies
  • Personal hygiene
  • Sports equipment
  • Socks & underwear



If your company is able to participate or you would like to connect us with someone who may be interested in supporting this initiative, please


For more information, please contact:

Merrie Keller
Director of Product Procurement
[email protected]

Carla Fattal
Product Donation Manager
[email protected]