Brands and Nonprofits: Making a Difference…Together

According to the 2017 CORE Communication CSR study, “four-out-of-five consumers expect businesses to continue improving their CSR efforts and more than three-out-of-five are hopeful businesses will take the lead to drive social and environmental change moving forward.” A well thought-out CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy is becoming more and more important for companies as they consider what kind of impact they want to have on the community at large – and align with their customers. Whether the focus is on social, environmental or economic issues, consumers, particularly millennials, are more likely to purchase products from brands that support causes they believe in.


As companies become more socially conscious, their efforts must now go beyond a simple purpose-driven television advertisement or corporate donation. Consumers look to brands – in fact, they expect them – to take direct action to maintain ethical, sustainable standards – and also help the greater community.

Companies can collaborate directly with nonprofit organizations whose missions align with their goals. At Delivering Good, we provide children and families in need with clothes, toys, furniture and other essential products, and serve as a channel through which they can execute their CSR efforts. According to the 2017 CORE Communication CSR study, the top two most requested issues that consumers want companies to address are economic development and poverty and hunger. Through monetary and product donations, Delivering Good can align with brands to support and positively impact those experiencing poverty and communities affected by natural disasters as they begin the rebuilding process.

If your brand is looking to work with nonprofits and would like more information, please contact Dionisia Hatzis at [email protected].


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