Diverting Excess New Merchandise From Landfills And Instead Giving it to Those in Need.

In today’s world, waste is a growing problem that has a significant impact on the environment. This is especially true in the retail and manufacturing industries, where excess merchandise and unsold products are often discarded, leading to massive...
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Lisa Gurwitch, Delivering Good President & CEO Stepping Down Following Two Years of Record Product Donations

Serving as Delivering Good’s President & CEO since 2015, Lisa Gurwitch has announced that she is stepping down to pursue a new opportunity. Delivering Good made significant progress under Gurwitch’s leadership: building a more diverse board,...
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Our Roundtable Series Provides Insights For Empowering Women In Business And Philanthropy

From left: Congresswoman Kathy Manning, Lisa Kaplowitz, Fran Horowitz, Cynthia ‘Cynt’ Marshall, Rear Admiral Aisha K. Mix, Lisa Gurwitch, Janiece Evans-Page, Lori Mitchell-Keller, Jacqueline Novogratz, Michele Le Moal-Gray, Lily Kanter, Meg Crofton,...
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