Community Partner of the Quarter: Cherry Kids

This quarter, Delivering Good is proud to highlight Cherry Kids, one of our community partners. Cherry Kids serves the working poor in New York, providing unique experiences, after-school, and daycare programs to low-income children throughout the community. Delivering Good works with Cherry Kids, and hundreds of community partners throughout the country, to provide brand new product to people in need and help communities thrive. We sat down with Cherry Baldwin, the founder of Cherry Kids, to discuss the work we do together.

Baldwin told us that “over the years, [she has] served over 3,000 people with the generosity of Delivering Good.” Baldwin’s mission aligns perfectly with Delivering Good—we work together to help families and children rebuild their lives. Baldwin shared a quote with us that describes exactly what she tells the families she works with: “No matter where you come from and what has been done to you, you have the power to choose.”

Cherry Kids hosts special events for the community, including a Free Shopping Spree for kids to choose new product donated through Delivering Good. Cherry Baldwin also helps expose children to “experiences that they wouldn’t ordinarily experience such as Equestrian therapy, marine life, plays, professional sports and much more.” Baldwin told us that her goal “is to assist each family with the basic tools they need to empower their family. Helping others reach the next level and understand that my life has been a path to my vision today.”

What’s the most rewarding part of the work Baldwin does with Cherry Kids? “There are so many stories of complete joy whereas families are overwhelmed with stress that turns into complete joy.” Delivering Good is proud to partner with Cherry Kids and hundreds of agencies throughout the United States to deliver joy to people in need throughout the country.

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