Community Partner Spotlight: Denver Health Foundation

“There are no words to describe a child’s delight at opening a new Tonka Truck or My Little Pony hand-delivered by their nurse or doctor. It’s hard to tell who gets more pleasure from this – the care provider or the patient!” says Robin Engleberg, Program Manager of the Denver Health Foundation. Since 2012, Delivering Good and the Denver Health Foundation have helped thousands of individuals through donations of new toys, blankets, PJs, bibs, socks and more. In partnership with Delivering Good, the Denver Health Foundation, which serves 220,000 people each year, has distributed over 5,000 gifts.

One of their most successful programs from last year with Delivering Good, the “Santa Express”, brought Santa Claus to visit the holiday parties at family health centers across the city. “There were items that were well beyond the financial reach of our families,” reminisces Engleberg. “It was an unexpected surprise – not at all the small gifts they were expecting – and it brightened the holiday for all concerned.”


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