Community Partner Spotlight: REHACE/United Methodist Church of Puerto Rico

In 2017, Puerto Rico saw one of the worst hurricanes to every make landfall. Hurricane Maria destroyed homes, lives and essentially made the island inhabitable. However, with resilient agencies such as REHACE and the United Methodist Church of Puerto Rico, the island’s citizens found hope for a new beginning. Every year, REHACE provides comprehensive case management assistance to 2,555 families. The organization helps 7,000 individuals with house repairs, appliances, furniture, legal counsel, and medical and psychological referrals.

The donations provided by Delivering Good have helped over 5,000 families around the island. REHACE assists many elderly individuals who have been affected by the hurricanes, some of whom are now living below the poverty line. Delivering Good has provided them with microwaves and fans, bed sheets and pillows.

REHACE shared a story about Pablo, a 97-year old war veteran, who lives alone and has difficulty with movement. During Hurricane Maria, his home suffered structural damages and he lost his medical position bed. After receiving one of Delivering Good’s donated gift cards, he was able to obtain basic needs – bed sheets, underwear, pillows and a fan.

As conditions improve on the island, REHACE and Delivering Good look forward to continuing to help rebuild the livelihoods of those impacted.


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