Community Partner Spotlight: Variety, The Children’s Charity

Over the years, Variety, The Children’s Charity and Delivering Good have teamed up to assist over 20,000 children across a five county region in Southeastern Michigan. With six annual distribution events throughout the year, the organization ensures that the product is placed directly into the hands of those who need it most.

“Many families rely on the distribution of clothing and other children’s products in order for their children to attend school,” says Michelle Murphy, Executive Director of Variety. “Donations are essential to those families. Without such support, many children would be unable to go to school and focus on their education.”

Reflecting on the impact made in 2018, Murphy recalled the Variety Bike Party, in which more than 600 children received a backpack, lunch bag or toy from donations by Delivering Good. “This program would not be possible without Delivering Good. We hope to see more retailers partnering with Delivering Good, including a new toy giant perhaps, so that we may continue to fulfill our mission.”


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