Community Partner Spotlight: Worth Fighting For

Helping the Homeless in Las Vegas

Delivering Good provided a donation of winter coats to a community partner, Worth Fighting For, in Las Vegas. Those coats were distributed this week as temperatures dropped and our partner wrote to us about the organization that received some of the coats and a distribution they helped with back in December:

This week it’s snowed 4 days, so it does get cold here. We delivered over 150 jackets from Patagonia, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors to a local nonprofit, Shine the Light.

We partner with Shine the Light, an NGO, that goes to Las Vegas tunnels weekly. There are about 50+ volunteers who go into different tunnels in Vegas every Saturday. Their goal is to provide resources to get the people living there back into housing, medical care, and basic needs and out of the tunnels. There are over 600 miles of tunnels underground and 1500 people live in them.

Worth Fighting For had a team who joined them in December.

We decided it would be easier to put on 5 jackets than to carry them. So, we were walking through the tunnels and as we would encounter people, if they needed a jacket, we would take off one of the ones we were wearing. A had an encounter with a gal, who was just coming out of her tent, it was like 9 am and she was “cleaning up and doing her tent chores”.  She was wearing a robe and shivering. I offered her a coat and I had to strip down to the smallest size. (Remember I was wearing 5 jackets) I gave her an orange Ralph Lauren puffy jacket. I had worn that jacket the day before and said the person who gets this jacket will be extra special. It was so warm, and I knew it would bless someone. A few minutes later, I gave another young girl a jacket, she said she’s had a hard life and been on the streets for years.

Thank you again. You’re adding smiles to faces and warming bodies in Las Vegas.

So many lives are worth fighting for.

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