Funded Agency Program

The Delivering Good Funded Agency Program is offered to our community partners as an opportunity to make a bigger impact on the people that they directly serve.

  • To participate in the program, community partners provide Delivering Good with a grant, which ensures they receive no less than $150,000 worth of product over a twelve-month period.
  •  Additional benefits of the Funded Agency Program include first priority for product donations as they become available, 15:1 match on $10,000 grants, 20:1 match on $20,000 grants and above, as well as the opportunity to partner with Delivering Good on important distributions and proactive procurement of product donations.

This program also offers the opportunity to partner with us for important distribution events and work jointly on grants with their development team in order to raise the money for the funding. If you are interested in discussing the program further, please contact [email protected]