The fashion, home and children’s industries are coming together to help people in need during this critical time. Delivering Good is proud to partner with the following brands to help children, families and individuals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in its aftermath. This list is being continuously updated to reflect our most recent donors and partners.

From Our Community Partners:

“I have been having a bit of a hard time since my surgery, which took me out of the workforce. I have been considering trying to enter a new career in an office setting, but was concerned about the cost of professional clothing, on top of all of my other expenses. This gift truly made my whole week. The clothing made me feel beautiful and confident, and came during a time where I really needed that boost. I am so appreciative of the donation and am looking forward to the next phase of my career.”
— Charmel, For Good PGH

“We (Panola Outreach) received the first truck donations from Burlington. The clothing and other items brought so many tears to our eyes. This was a dream come true for so many limited families. We received bikes, car seats, strollers, shoes, beautiful lady suits, clothing for men, and many other items. Thank you for the love and support you have showed our limited areas. We are coming back stronger than ever before.”
— Lovie Parks, Panola Outreach 

“The patients needed extra blankets to stay warm at the end of their life or, in most cases, during their battle with this life-threatening illness. Some would have been discharged to homes without adequate bedding were it not for the partnership of Delivering Good. Thank you, for bringing comfort and helping heal our fellow New Yorkers during this challenging time for humanity.” 
-Peter B. Gudaitis, M. Div., Executive Director& CEO of New York Disaster Interfaith Services


Delivering Good can help lives changed forever by the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 35 years of crisis experience, we work to help the people most in need. Through 700 community partners, we deliver hope, happiness, and chance for a brighter future for low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families.

Many people are already facing the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially people in lower wage jobs and those already in vulnerable circumstances. With a record number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits, the need is great and will be greater still.

Join with Delivering Good and our supporters, retailers and manufacturers to help people in need. Delivering Good serves all fifty states, and also works with international partners. We are up and running, ready to support people facing poverty, homelessness, job loss and more.

There are 4 easy ways to help (click on any of the sentences below for useful tools):

  1. DONATE MONEY to Delivering Good.
  2. Companies with available NEW PRODUCT can donate it to Delivering Good.
  3. Start your own online FUNDRAISER for Delivering Good using this easy tool.
  4. SHARE this information with your network to help raise awareness and support for Delivering Good.

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Delivering Good has helped millions of people working to get back on their feet for the long-term, fighting poverty and aiding disaster recovery. We are an organization that you can trust — highly rated by Guidestar, Charity Navigator, Better Business Bureau, and a member of Forbes’ list of top 100 charities.

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Thank you for supporting our efforts!