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Our Donors & Partners:


The fashion, home and children’s industries are coming together to help people in need during this critical time. Delivering Good is proud to partner with the following brands to help children, families and individuals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in its aftermath. This list is being continuously updated to reflect our most recent donors and partners.

From Our Community Partners:

Our area is at the top of the charts when it comes to poverty in the U.S. We thought we were serving a lot of children last year at 150,000 but school districts are predicting that we will see a rise in need of three times that number. Families that we have helped in the past are falling deeper into poverty and thousands of additional families now find themselves frozen in fear of what is to come as jobs are lost and incomes come to a screeching halt. We are in great need of hygiene items and underwear, and are projecting that we will need backpacks and school supplies for as many as 10,000 children.
— Karen Di Carlo, Santa Claus, Inc., Youth Enrichment Services

The populations we serve were already among the most vulnerable in the National Capital Region. They face financial hardship and inadequate access to healthcare. The strain on the job market will make them even more financially insecure.
— Jermaine Lemons, National Center for Children and Families. 

Our families are already struggling day-to-day. The sense of normalcy we provide them is being obstructed due to the closures, cancelations, and limitation of contact. Those who struggle will struggle more.
— Megan Yunn, Beverly’s Birthdays 


Orlando was recently ranked the worst city in the country for affordable housing and an economic recession will push an unpredictable number of families into homelessness. We operate in the nation’s eighth largest school district and families’ incomes are largely dependent on hospitality; the impact could be devastating.
–Jane Thompson, A Gift for Teaching; Orlando, FL


There is greater demand for our services in the community we serve because of COVID-19. The number escalated immensely due to shortages of basic items in the stores and online. We can’t predict our future needs because this is unfolding daily and it might likely be worse before it gets better.
–Oliver Akano, Hope Charities, Inc.; Naperville, IL


With the increased unemployment and stagnant economy, we anticipate high demand, especially as we head to back to school. When things clear, we will be in great need of clothing for infants and children.
–Deborah Blatt, The Sharing Shelf; Port Chester, NY 


We are doing more mobile distributions to folks that have never been to a food pantry, especially as businesses are closing and uncertainty around paychecks. Folks here are expending all their resources and it’s already tight.
–Chad Morrison, Mountaineer Food Bank; Gassaway, WV


Delivering Good can help lives changed forever by the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 35 years of crisis experience, we work to help the people most in need. Through 700 community partners, we deliver hope, happiness, and chance for a brighter future for low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families.

Many people are already facing the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially people in lower wage jobs and those already in vulnerable circumstances. With a record number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits, the need is great and will be greater still.

Join with Delivering Good and our supporters, retailers and manufacturers to help people in need. Delivering Good serves all fifty states, and also works with international partners. We are up and running, ready to support people facing poverty, homelessness, job loss and more.

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Delivering Good has helped millions of people working to get back on their feet for the long-term, fighting poverty and aiding disaster recovery. We are an organization that you can trust — highly rated by Guidestar, Charity Navigator, Better Business Bureau, and a member of Forbes’ list of top 100 charities.

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