Delivering Good Announces New Fee Structure for Product Donations

For 35 years, Delivering Good has operated at the intersection of nonprofits, manufacturers, retailers, and individuals, providing a crucial link between industry and people in need. Delivering Good is committed to helping the most vulnerable people in our society, both in their daily lives and at moments of disaster. The current public health emergency of the coronavirus has only reinforced that commitment.

Our commitment to helping individuals and families has highlighted the need for adaptation and change. Beginning August 31, 2020, Delivering Good will implement modest service fees for product donors to help support the ongoing sustainability of our organization and to allow us to meet the extraordinary needs in our society. While many manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have responded to the immense needs created by the pandemic with generous product donations, we also need financial support to assist us with getting these donations to our local community partners who need them most.

Until now, Delivering Good has not required product donors to contribute towards the operational costs of their donations, though some have generously done so. With this change, we are first asking our product donors who do not already cover the freight expenses associated with their donations to pay the freight fees for their donations. If that is not possible, a modest per-donation service fee will apply to help us offset some of the costs associated with providing merchandise to those in need, which include logistics, freight, finding and monitoring community partners, co-marketing, and more.

The Delivering Good Board of Directors has been an integral part of crafting the new service fee program, and with their help, we have determined that our product donors are better placed than our community partners to bear these modest expenses.

While the pandemic made it apparent these changes needed to happen now, these fees will also allow us to create greater impact in the communities we serve long-term. This moment also presents an opportunity for all donors to increase their monetary support of Delivering Good, allowing us to continue meeting the unprecedented level of need created by the pandemic and hurricane season.

We look forward to working with all our product donors to continue developing outstanding charitable programs for communities in need. In addition to accepting product donations of all sizes, we are happy to work with our product donors to create customized programs tailored to their charitable goals. For more detailed information on our service offerings and new fees, please contact Merrie Keller ([email protected]). If you would like to donate new product to our relief efforts, please click here. If you represent a foundation or corporation that would like to consider us for a grant, please contact Zachary Rabiroff ([email protected]).

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