Delivering Good Collects Over 5 Million Pairs of Socks since 2016

We are proud to announce we have collected over FIVE MILLION pairs of socks since our One Million Pairs of Socks initiative began in 2016. Together with United Legwear and Apparel Co, American Apparel & Footwear Association, over 60 donors, and dozens of community partners, we have reached this momentous goal ahead of schedule, in just three years.

In 2016 at an American Apparel & Footwear Association Legwear Committee Meeting, Isaac Ash, Founder and President of United Legwear and Apparel Co., challenged industry colleagues to donate one million pairs of socks to help those in need. What started as a friendly challenge transformed into a national campaign, leading to five million pairs of socks collected and donated to people in need.

Why focus on socks? Socks are the most requested and least donated item in shelters throughout the United States. Without clean socks, people living in shelters or on the streets are more susceptible to skin infections and disease, causing chronic illness and extreme discomfort. Delivering Good has teamed up with brands in the fashion industry to combat this crucial issue in the lives of millions of Americans.

Though socks might seem like a minor detail in everyday life for many of us, having a clean pair of socks can truly change the life of a homeless person, some of whom walk several miles per day. Socks often act as socks, shoes, and gloves for the homeless.

We’ve collected and distributed over five million pairs of socks since we began this campaign in 2016—but we’re not done yet. We’re asking for your help and support as we continue our mission to deliver brand new product to people in need. Please join us in this crucial initiative as we work towards 6 million pairs of socks. If you are a brand or retailer who would like to donate socks to Delivering Good, please contact:

Merrie Keller
Director of Product Procurement
[email protected]

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