Delivering Good Supporter Spotlight: Lawrence King and Iris Roth

Two years ago, Lawrence King and Iris Roth began supporting Delivering Good and quickly became two of our most dedicated donors. We recently sat down with Lawrence and Iris to discuss Delivering Good’s mission and the work that they make possible.

We asked Roth and King what inspired them to make their first donation to Delivering Good. Roth explained, “Lawrence and I were searching for a charity that, through effective organization and smart partnerships, was able to accomplish its mission without a high percentage loss of dollars to overhead.” After learning about Delivering Good’s mission, King and Roth began to research our history and efficiency. What did they find out? King says, “Delivering Good’s audited financial statements, tax returns, documented history and depth and breadth of leadership all speak comparative volumes about the nature of the organization.”

While his relationship with Delivering Good began two years ago, Lawrence King has been committed to helping people in need since his early childhood. He shared stories with us about his first trip to Juarez, Mexico, where his family educated, triaged and relieved extensive pain for over 100 Mexican children. King draws inspiration from his father, who was dedicated to charitable work and was the first South Carolina dentist in the 1950s and 1960s who “maintained only one reception room, just one set of restrooms and only one water cooler, and operated on all patients of every race, color and creed using the same dental operatories and instruments.”

Similarly, Roth’s passion for charity and good work is reflected in her memories. She shared, “I still recall the honor I felt at a very young age of being given my very own Tzedakah box, which I not only made sure to fill with coins from my allowance, but from donations of neighbors, friends and relatives.”

We are proud to that King and Roth are including Delivering Good in their journey to make the world a better place. Roth explains that “new clothing does more than provide a solution; it delivers both joy and comfort that returns a sense of normalcy after disaster strikes or poverty reigns.” King sums up our common mission best: “Clothing the naked certainly makes the world a better place but doing so most effectively must originate out of a heart that loves the naked and others who need help, both physically and spiritually.”

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