Delivering Good x Bombas: The New Black Hive Collection

To help alleviate some of the hardship experienced by the unhoused in black communities, Bombas has launched The Black Hive Collection which helps support Black-led organizations like Delivering Good. Featured in the collection is our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Donna Charles. We take great pride in the impact she has made through many different programs, including overseeing the health of our robust community partner network over her 23-year tenure with Delivering Good to help communities in need.

Bombas is a brand that makes socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Part of their mission is to help those experiencing homelessness, making Delivering Good a great fit for collaborating as one of Bombas’ Giving Partners. The Black Hive Collection is designed by Black Bombas employees who have designed socks with bold colors and patterns that reflect a joyful look back at Black history, and an empowering look forward at Black futures. Each purchase of socks provides another pair to help a person in need. Learn more about the collaboration.

Socks are the most requested items by homeless shelters and thus a priority item for Delivering Good. Since 2016, thanks to donors like you and partners like Bombas, Delivering Good has donated over 9 million pairs of socks, including over 1.7 million pairs provided by Bombas, to communities in need. We are thrilled to be part of this invaluable collaboration which will enable us to further our efforts. You can learn more about our #OneMillionPairs of socks campaign here. If you’re a brand and you’d like to take part in our #OneMillionPairs of socks campaign, please reach out to Merrie Keller, our Director of Product Procurement via email: [email protected].

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