Delivering Good x Burlington: The 13th Annual Coat Drive

This winter, hundreds of families will be bracing for the cold, taking on harsh conditions without the warmth and comfort of a coat. Many of us might take the feeling of being wrapped up in a warm coat on a cold winter night for granted, however many families across the United States perceive it as a blessing.  

That’s why Delivering Good is excited to once again team up with Burlington Stores. Now through January 20, 2020, Americans can donate their new or gently worn coats at their local Burlington store to help families within their communities. Delivering Good is grateful for the opportunity to work with hundreds of nonprofit agency partners nationwide, matching them to their local Burlington so that donated coats are kept locally within the store community.

This year’s Coat Drive kicked off with some help from Common in his hometown of Chicago. Common, along with students from his Common Ground Foundation, launched the campaign and donated coats to their local Burlington store.

Photo by Think Common on Facebook

Photo by Think Common on Facebook

For more information on how to get involved and where you can donate, please visit: 

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