Delivering Good x Burlington

In the United States and around the world, many people go without a winter coat during the coldest months of the year. Not having access to warm clothing can lead to exposure to the elements, leading to serious and sometimes fatal medical conditions.

Beginning in 2011, Delivering Good joined Burlington Stores on their annual coat drive to help provide warmth to those in need nationwide. Since establishing this partnership, together, we’ve been able to keep 1.4 million Americans in need warm in communities nationwide and over the past 12 years, Burlington has collected a total of more than 2.2 million coats.

Each holiday season, Burlington encourages its customers to donate gently worn coats in all its stores across the country and Delivering Good matches each store with a community partner so that the donated coats reach individuals within each local store community.

What is the impact of the Burlington coat drive? As described by the director of Acacia Network, one of Delivering Good’s New York City community partners, “Coats are not just a luxury and a fashionable item, but an emergency safety measure. It has been certainly an amazing professional reward to be able to provide coats to our homeless clients. Without this local partnership, there would be thousands of folks searching for a warm coat throughout our area.”

At Delivering Good, we are proud of this fulfilling partnership and its significant affect on the lives of those in need. As a caring company, Burlington is committed to giving back within their store communities nationwide. Their annual coat drive is part of their corporate heritage and they are thankful for the opportunity to provide warmth to neighbors in need within their store communities.

This year’s coat drive is continuing through January 20. Visit your local Burlington Store to donate your new or gently worn coat to people in need in your community.

Burlington also works with Delivering Good and our community partners during times of natural disasters. Through gift card and new merchandise donations, Delivering Good and Burlington are dedicated to helping families get back on their feet. To summarize our relationship, the Burlington team expressed, “From our annual coat drive to providing new merchandise to local community partner agencies within our store communities, to times of disaster, we call on Delivering Good to help us facilitate our ability to help those most in need.”

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