Disaster Relief


For children and adults alike, the after effects of a natural disaster can be as lasting and devastating as the damage itself. For struggling families and individuals, the aftermath of crisis can cause lasting psychological burdens and crippling financial hardships.

Each year, Delivering Good takes action to repair the lives of disaster victims by mobilizing the key industries to donate brand new and vitally needed clothing, goods, and emergency supplies to those in harm’s way.


There are 17 major fires currently burning across the state of California, causing loss of life and extensive damage to residences and infrastructure. More than 14,000 firefighters from California and 17 other states are working the front lines of wildfires statewide.

Delivering Good is providing assistance to local community partners in the area.  We are now collecting new clothing items (coats, hats, pants, shoes, etc) to be distributed to those affected. Other types of items may be needed later. To support our response, please donate here or contact [email protected].



How We Have Helped

300 companies have contributed over $30 million of new product and over 10,000 individuals, companies and foundations have contributed over $1 million to Delivering Good for disaster relief in 2017

Eight communities worldwide, from Northern California to the Caribbean, have been assisted through the B Strong disaster relief initiative with entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel.

Clothing, home furnishings, shoes, blankets, gift cards and other essentials have been sent to communities in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and beyond.

As part of our disaster outreach strategy each year, we continue to help people in need as they rebuild their lives.

How You Can Help

Financial and in-kind support is critical to Delivering Good in our work to help communities recover and rebuild.

If your company can provide clothing, home goods, or other new items, please click here to fill out our online product donation form 




If you would like to make a financial gift to support communities in need, please click here to make a gift to help our disaster relief programs 

Click here to download a list of  new basic essentials needed immediately after a disaster.



If you have any questions about possible product donations, please email us at [email protected]. Any donations of product or cash that are unable to be used for disaster relief will be used for ongoing poverty needs.