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The Bahamas

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In early November 2019, members of the Delivering Good board and friends of Delivering Good participated in a service trip to the Bahamas to deliver products and help communities rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. This meaningful trip showcased how much damage has occurred and how desperately new product is needed.

In the coming months, Delivering Good will continue to support the people of the Bahamas as they recover from this disaster. Support our work here: https://www.delivering-good.org/donate/


Hurricane Dorian

Since making its first impact at the end of August, Hurricane Dorian has dealt significant and lasting damage to regions in which it made landfall.  At this time, product donations that are currently needed include:


  • Home goods: Sheets and Towels
  • Undergarments
  • Socks
  • Clothing for children and adults


North Carolina

  • Home goods: Sheets, Blankets and Towels
  • Undergarments
  • Socks
  • Clothing for children and adults


In the weeks and months to come, we can expect that there will be many other needs. To learn more about donating product, please visit: https://deliveringgood.formstack.com/forms/product_donation?campaign=main

Delivering Good is also raising funds to ship and distribute product donations during the long-term recovery and rebuilding process stretching months to years beyond the storm. To make a financial contribution, please visit: https://www.delivering-good.org/donate/financial-contributions/

Delivering Good & Disasters: Rebuilding and Providing Hope, Year After Year

The past several years, major catastrophic natural disasters, increasingly powerful in their devastation, have left a lasting impact on affected communities. Through the years, Delivering Good has been committed to assisting and supporting impacted communities for the days, weeks, months and years after our initial distribution of goods.

Recovery is a process of transitioning individuals back to their lives prior to the disaster and instilling a sense of normalcy in their day-to-day life. In 2018 and 2019, Delivering Good responded to the extensive destruction in areas such as Florida, North Carolina, California, Guatemala, the Bahamas and other regions around the world. These disasters not only resulted in millions of dollars in damage, but also hundreds of lives lost and the immeasurable toll on families that lost everything.

Delivering Good also continued its ongoing efforts in many areas - Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands, amongst others - impacted by natural disasters in previous years in order to assure communities a safe and hopeful road to recovery.


Our Impact

In 2019, Delivering Good assisted with recovery efforts for disasters that occurred during the year as well as ongoing support to communities impacted by the disasters that occurred in 2017 and 2018. By mobilizing the children's, fashion, retail and home industries, Delivering Good distributed new product valued at $32.5 million in 2018.