Donor and Community Partner Spotlight: Wacoal and Bottomless Closet

Last month, Delivering Good teamed up with Wacoal and visited Bottomless Closet, one of our community partners in New York City. Thanks to Wacoal’s generous donations and their expert bra fitter, we were able to help 6 inspirational women find their correct bra size. They walked out of Bottomless Closet wearing well-fitting bras, with the confidence they need to take on the world.

Bottomless Closet’s mission is “to be the connection that inspires and guides disadvantaged New York City women to enter the workforce and achieve success.” When asked to describe Bottomless Closet’s work, the organization says: “The Bottomless Closet experience is all about making women feel confident, prepared, and empowered to ace their job interviews, start that new job, and begin their journey to self-sufficiency.” Bottomless Closet supports women by providing professional attire, helping with resumes, conducting interview prep, and so much more.

Wacoal knows the importance of confidence—and they know the power of a properly fitted bra. As the leaders in the field of bra fitting, Wacoal provides Fit Consultants to help women find their size. As a generous donor to Delivering Good, Wacoal provides high-quality bras to women in need throughout the year. Through our partnership with Bottomless Closet, Wacoal was able to help these inspirational women find the right bra and walk out feeling confident and ready to ace their next interviews! Hear these women’s inspirational stories below:

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