Emergency Responses

Delivering Good has identified the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Ida recovery, ongoing domestic natural disasters and the Afghan refugee resettlement as the priority emergencies for our long-term responses. We are assessing each event separately, working with local and national community partners and government agencies, and offering ways for companies and individuals to help.

Delivering Good has developed the expertise to distribute donated new goods in the times of crisis and knows how to work with the right partners to help. When supporting any type of humanitarian crisis services, timing can be very important. Delivering Good’s role in emergency responses is to support people recovering and rebuilding their lives; most of this work is done after the initial rescue and immediate services from first responders, local governments and various agencies. Through the years, Delivering Good has been committed to assisting and supporting impacted communities for days, weeks, months and years after the initial event.


Individuals and companies can donate money online. Financial support of our work makes a big impact by funding the processing and distribution of new product donations.


Our donations of new merchandise will help communities as they build back, and as people resume their lives. Since 1985, Delivering Good has provided over $2 billion of new apparel, shoes, toys, educational material, home items and other useful items to help people in need.

1. The Haiti Earthquake

Unfortunately, relief to Haiti is extremely challenging in the current environment. Delivering Good continues to work with local partners to determine the appropriate allocation of new, needed items.

2. Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and was especially meaningful to Delivering Good. Hurricane Katrina was the motivation for members of the fashion and home industries to form Fashion Delivers, one of the two organizations that united to become Delivering Good. The impact Ida has had throughout the US will be included in our relief for this disaster.

3. Ongoing Domestic Disasters

Delivering Good is also responding to other regional natural disasters, such as the ongoing California wildfires and the recent flooding in Tennessee.

4. Afghan Refuges Resettlement

Delivering Good’s support for the resettlement of Afghan refugees to the United States is a critical emergency response. We are working with the Office of Global Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State, as well as the network of New York Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NYVOAD). Delivering Good will be securing donations of new products to help the Afghans as they settle into their new lives.

Delivering Good’s work will include supporting the impacted communities over the next year as they resettle or rebuild after the clean-up of the immediate events. By coordinating closely with community partners about both their immediate and long-term needs, Delivering Good can provide donations of new apparel, home items, children’s products and other essentials that can help the recovery. All donations will be used where they are most needed. If your donation is not needed for immediate disasters, it may be used for other communities in need. Please email any questions to [email protected].

Delivering Good & Disasters: Rebuilding and Providing Hope, Year After Year

The past several years, major catastrophic natural disasters, increasingly powerful in their devastation, have left a lasting impact on affected communities. Through the years, Delivering Good has been committed to assisting and supporting impacted communities for the days, weeks, months and years after our initial distribution of goods.

From the wildfires that ravaged the west coast to a record-breaking season of tropical storms, 2020 brought devastating natural disasters to a world already facing enormous challenges due to the pandemic. Through generous donations from retailers and manufacturers, Delivering Good provided families and individuals in need with new clothing, home goods and other necessities as they sought to rebuild and recover from the wrath of Mother Nature.

Delivering Good also continued its ongoing efforts in many areas - Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands, amongst others - impacted by natural disasters in previous years in order to assure communities a safe and hopeful road to recovery.

In 2019, Delivering Good assisted with recovery efforts for disasters that occurred during the year as well as ongoing support to communities impacted by the disasters that occurred in 2017 and 2018. By mobilizing the children's, fashion, retail and home industries, Delivering Good distributed new product valued at $32.5 million in 2018.