Emser Tile and Delivering Good Team Up to Donate Socks to People In Need

Throughout the United States, homelessness continues to be a daily disaster. Many people in need go without basic essentials each and every day. In particular, socks are the most requested, and least donated, item in homeless shelters throughout the country. That’s why American Apparel & Footwear Association, United Legwear & Apparel Co., and Delivering Good started our 1 Million Pairs of Socks Campaign over 3 years ago.

Recently, our friends at Emser Tile partnered with Delivering Good to raise awareness about this crisis and to deliver socks to people in need. We sat down with the Emser Tile team to learn more about why they chose to focus on socks and why they partner with Delivering Good.

Emser Tile has supported Delivering Good since 2010. They chose to partner with our organization because of our network of local charities throughout the United States. This allows Emser Tile to help people in need throughout their national footprint. This year, Emser Tile decided to run an employee sock drive, encouraging employees in 5 offices and distribution centers throughout the United States to donate socks to Delivering Good. Participating offices in California, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and Canada collected over 1,500 socks for people in need!

Why did Emser Tile decide to focus on socks for this drive? They told us: “Though it might seem like a minor detail or everyday life for most of us, having a clean pair of socks can be so meaningful for a homeless person, some of whom walk several miles per day. Through Delivering Good, we discovered that socks are the number one needed item in shelters, so it only seemed right for us to collect socks for those in need.”

We are grateful for Emser Tile and their employees for raising awareness of the daily disaster of poverty and the need for socks and other basic essentials.

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