Financial Supporter of the Quarter: Emily Olah

Our Associate Council is hard at work advocating for Delivering Good’s crucial services to support those impacted by poverty and disaster. This quarter, we sat down with supporter and Co-Chair of Delivering Good’s Associate Council, Emily Olah, to discuss philanthropy and the impact of Delivering Good’s mission.

Olah discussed her first site visit with Delivering Good, where she was able to witness the power of new product donations. During the site visit, she worked with a community partner whose “mission was to support working low-income families with dignity. Delivering Good was partnering with this agency to offer the same options for these families to bridge the monthly income gap while providing their family with the dignity of wearing new merchandise. The word dignity is used frequently at Delivering Good – this to me is very unique and resonates deeply with me.”

When asked about how she got her start in philanthropy, Olah said: “It all begins with my mother.” While Olah was growing up, her mother worked in the fashion apparel industry. Olah’s mother then shifted careers and worked with Girl Guides of Canada and Ronald McDonald House Charities in Toronto. Her mother’s lifelong belief in giving back inspired Olah’s love of philanthropy: “Giving was always a part of our family and our home and it’s a tradition I am proud to be able to continue in my own home and model for my kids.”

We are so grateful for Olah’s generous donations and work with the Associate Council. Olah summed up the power and uniqueness of Delivering Good’s mission saying, “Delivering Good for me is a perfect venue where I can merge my desire to give back with my busy work life, with a common goal to unite my industry with people impacted by poverty and tragedy.”

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