Financial Donor of the Quarter: Heather Mee

“You need to start with small acts of kindness by caring and showing empathy for other people.” says Heather Mee, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Global Brands Group. An ardent supporter of Delivering Good since the mid-2000s, Mee has consistently provided the organization with regular financial donations, in addition to facilitating product donations from GBG. While attending her first Annual KIDS Gala in 2006, Mee was inspired by Delivering Good’s mission and the compelling words then-senator Barack Obama had to say about the organization.

After becoming acquainted with many of the Delivering Good board members, Mee saw the passion and dedication to giving back to those in need in each and every individual with whom she interacted. “When I met Lisa Gurwitch and Merrie Keller, I was amazed. They are just so dynamic and passionate about what they do. It’s incredibly inspiring to see Lisa out in the field, responding immediately where help is needed the most,” states Mee. “She has the drive to provide goods to those in need, and also understands the monetary needs for delivering the acquired product to charities around the world.” While Mee notes that donating is quite gratifying, ensuring Delivering Good’s success in fulfilling its mission is very important to her. From an early age, Mee has always believed in simple organizations that provide social impact without any fanfare; she believes that the strength of an organization lies in its uncomplicated structure and fast actions – a great benefit, she mentions, for those who might only have a certain amount of time they can dedicate to philanthropic efforts. Mee hopes the organization will continue to serve those in need through product donations, but also create broader fundraising opportunities to cover the costs of distributing the vast amounts of new product received.

“No matter what the crisis is, Delivering Good will always be there,” says Mee. “I hope that the organization continues to grow, engaging new industries, new communities and new geographies to get involved in their vital mission.”


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