Financial Donor of the Quarter: Hebe Schecter

Hebe Schecter, a new Delivering Good board member in 2020 and the COO of Kaltex North America and the President & CEO of Kaltex America, is committed to giving back and doing good with Delivering Good. 

After the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017, Schecter was determined to give back. She asked her children to donate Spanish/English books to families that had moved to Florida as a result of the hurricane. Reflecting on her life story, Schecter shared, “I am from Argentina, and I have seen and experienced what it is to leave your country and your families and what you know.” 

How did she become involved in Delivering Good? Schecter says, “I was researching to join an organization I could really make a difference with. An organization that had my same values and beliefs and that is what I found. During that first breakfast meeting with Lisa Gurwitch, Delivering Good President & CEO, I knew I found my place.” 

We asked Schecter what makes Delivering Good special when compared to other organizations and she told us: “What makes the organization unique in my opinion is the true DOING.” She continued, “Delivering Good’s mission is inclusive, bringing awareness into companies and individuals in our industry on how much we can impact the world around us. We don’t need to go miles and miles away, just around our offices, we can make a tremendous change in someone’s life.” We are thankful for Hebe Schecter’s generous donations and dedication to Delivering Good.

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