Amanda Zuckerman

Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Dormify

Karen Zuckerman

Co-Founder and CEO, Dormify

Amanda Zuckerman wasn't an ordinary college student. After facing the challenges of trying to shop for her own college dorm room decor prior to her freshman year, Amanda sought out to change the experience. While double majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing at Washington University in St. Louis, she rallied her friends to create Dormify, which at the time was a dorm-focused blog and brand ambassador community. What Amanda didn't realize was this was just the beginning of the story.

Post-college, Amanda took the feedback from her peers via her blog and her personal experience and with the help of her entrepreneurial mother, Karen Zuckerman, evolved Dormify into what it is today, a highly successful, direct-to-consumer, one-stop-shop for home decor for college students and teens.

Amanda was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018 and since officially launching in 2013, the mother-daughter duo have successfully turned their idea into a bonafide, GenZ focused lifestyle brand with a cult following.

As the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of HZDG, Karen Zuckerman leads the creative and corporate vision of HZ, the award-winning, fully-integrated agency she launched over 30 years ago. She stays true to her mantra, “Just make it cool,” and has grown HZ into one of the largest creative agencies in the country, and now a global agency since being acquired by WPP in 2018. Today, the agency is powered by 150-plus team members who specialize in branding, content, marketing, video and digital, with offices in Metro DC, New York City, Baltimore, and LA. 

Karen’s emphasis on building relationships has attracted such high-profile clients as Volkswagen of America, Hilton Worldwide, Rockefeller Center, Organic Valley, and Kawasaki.

Karen is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of, an online decor brand she co-founded in 2011 with her daughter Amanda, the brand’s Chief Brand Officer.