Giving With Purpose: Eloquii

Plus size merchandise is some of the most sought-after, and most challenging, merchandise to receive. Plus-size retailer, Eloquii, designs fashionable clothing with these women in mind, with the mission to provide every woman, regardless of body type, with confidence and self-esteem. The fashion-forward brand boasts of some of the most creative and original designers currently in the industry to ensure that each design is in-season and on-trend.

Every year, Delivering Good has found it a challenge securing donations that cater to a wide variety of body types, but this year, with generous donations from Eloquii, we were able to make sure that ALL shapes and sizes of women in need can benefit from a new wardrobe, and the brand was impressed by Delivering Good’s ability to deploy clothing quickly and efficiently, particularly after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston community.

When Eloquii began investigating a potential donation partner, the brand focused its efforts on finding an organization that focused on making an impact and ultimately decided on Delivering Good because we provide assistance to women in need in the most direct and efficient ways.

Delivering Good receives the most inspiring feedback from women who have received their new Eloquii merchandise. Kristen Campolattaro, VP of Brand Marketing, says, “Our customers inspire us every single day and hearing this feedback reminds us that fashion really does make a significant difference in the lives of women.”

It is clear that by connecting with Delivering Good, Eloquii has the opportunity to further its brand ethos. “At Eloquii, we believe in the transformative power of fashion. We want all women to have access to clothes that make them feel confident. Delivering Good helps us extend our mission further than we ever could alone,” says Campolattaro.

When asked what Eloquii has learned by working with Delivering Good, this is what Campolattaro had to say. “We learned that helping is not that easy. You need to partner with an organization like Delivering Good who understands how to navigate the complexities of a natural disaster.”


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