How To Make A Difference During Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it is a great time for celebration, joy and reflection. As millions of families and individuals already have their preparations underway for the Year of the Pig, we cannot forget about those who are dealing with difficult situations. Along with those who are celebrating, there are also millions who are in need this holiday season. Here are a few ways that you can bring about a prosperous and joyful New Year to those in need:

1. Volunteering – Always one of the best and most immediate ways to make a difference, volunteering is a great way to get the entire family involved. During the holiday season, there are numerous opportunities for you and your family to make a difference in your community. Visit your local soup kitchen, homeless shelter or community center to see if they hold Chinese New Year events and make a lasting impact by participating.

2. Donating Clothes – The rough winter cold is a challenging time for many. It is especially difficult for those in need as they may not have proper clothing to keep themselves warm. A great way to help those experiencing difficult situations is by participating in a local coat/clothing drive or by holding your own.

3. Monetary Donations – Even the smallest cash donations go a long way in assisting those in need. At Delivering Good, for every $10 that is donated, we are able to distribute over $100 worth of brand new product to someone in need. Imagine how great it would feel to know that you are helping another human get a fresh start he or she so desperately needs.

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