Individual Donor of the Quarter: David Greenstein

Here at Delivering Good, the generosity and dedication of our donors is what keeps us going. This quarter, we’re highlighting the excellent work of David Greenstein, a member of the Delivering Good Board of Directors and the co-chair of our annual Gala. We sat down with Greenstein to discuss philanthropy, Delivering Good, and how we’re working together to make the world a better place.

We asked Greenstein what inspired him to give his first gift to Delivering Good. He told us that growing up in South Africa, “I saw the incredible differences between have and have nots, and when I came to the United States, I thought that those differences would be obviously smaller, but, strangely enough, they were not.”

Being a manufacturer, Greenstein knew that many companies often had excess goods and thought that Delivering Good was “incredible in the way that it links companies’ excess with dire need.”

Greenstein is deeply involved with the organization and works closely with Delivering Good’s staff and the entire Board of Directors. When asked what impresses him about Delivering Good, he told us: “I am super impressed with the comradery, the way the industry comes together. I feel the warmth and support of people in the industry, and I feel great satisfaction to be a part of a group of people who want to do this exceptional work.”

So how can we do good and make the world a better place? Greenstein says that small acts of kindness are the answer. “Sometimes people don’t realize how important small acts of generousity can be to people who are suffering greatly, through poverty, disaster or conflict.” Greenstein believes that new product, specifically, can change people’s lives. “In a way, new to people who don’t have anything new, something fresh, something that hasn’t been used before, gives an incredible amount of dignity. It offers the hope of new possibility.”

In closing, Greenstein summed up Delivering Good’s mission and message to the world: “If everybody were to do something small every day, even an seemingly simple act of kindness every day, I think the world would be a much, much better place.”

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