One Million Pairs of Socks

Did you know that socks are the single most requested item by homeless shelters?

They are also the least donated item.

Though it might seem like a minor detail of everyday life for most of us, having a clean pair of socks is life-changing for a homeless person, some of whom walk several miles per day – leaving them with socks that are worn, dirty and damp. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it opens them up to all types of skin infections. When someone is without a permanent home, the luxury of washing or changing socks is simply not a possibility. So, what can be done?

In 2016, Isaac Ash, Founder and President of United Legwear and Apparel Co., challenged his colleagues to donate one million pairs of socks to help the homeless. What started as a friendly challenge has turned into an initiative that truly provides a sense of hope and comfort to the hundreds of thousands of people across the country that are very much in need.

Now in its FIFTH year, our One Million Pairs of Socks Campaign has surpassed our goal – we have already collected over 10 million!

If you are a retail company or manufacturer interested in donating new socks for the homeless:


For more information, please contact:

Merrie Keller
Director of Product Procurement
[email protected]

For individuals and groups who would like to support this initiative on social media, please use the hashtag #OneMillionPairs.

#OneMillionPairs by the numbers…


Pairs Donated: 1,679,815
Agency Partners served: 30


Pairs Donated: 817,438
Agency Partners served: 31


Pairs Donated: 2,240,970
Agency Partners served: 64


Pairs Donated: 2,248,591
Agency Partners served: 40


Pairs Donated: 1,048,590
Agency Partners served: 30


Pairs Donated: 1,001,959
Agency Partners served: 18



On October 19, 2016, United Way NCA held an event Project Homeless Connect, a one-day resource fair. This special event provided on-site medical and dental care, and access to housing, employment and other vital services to people in the D.C. community who are experiencing homelessness. As a participant of Project Homeless Connect, K.I.D.S./ Fashion Delivers donated over 1,000 pairs of socks to help people in need.


On December 2, 2016, Delivering Good partnered with local community partner Jericho Project to participate in the first annual Day of Action to raise awareness and advocate about the critical issue of homelessness facing New York City, while spreading some holiday cheer to fellow New Yorkers in need of support during the season.