Burlington Coat Drive

Burlington Coat Drive: Keeping Your Community Warm 

For many families and individuals throughout the United States, finding a warm winter coat is a challenge each year. Coats provide warmth and safety during frigid weather and are essential items for people in need. That’s why Delivering Good partners with Burlington for the Burlington Coat Drive each year.

Delivering Good works with hundreds of local nonprofit partners nationwide, matching them to their local Burlington store so that donated coats are kept within the store community. When an individual donates a coat to their Burlington Store, the coat is donated to a family or individual in need in their community.

2021 marked the 15th Anniversary of the Burlington Coat Drive and to recognize this milestone, Burlington stepped up their generosity with a donation of 20,000 new coats that were distributed to 10 community partners located in communities of need across the country.

These new coats provide much more than just warmth for the recipients:

“I saw a little girl, named Charlene, clutching her new coat and crying at our recent distribution event. I asked Charlene what was wrong and why she was crying.  She responded:  “Nothing is wrong Mr. Tom, it is just that I have never had my very own jacket that I actually got to pick out.  I’ve always had to wear my older brother’s hand-me-down coats that are so ugly and don’t fit me at all.  My new jacket is so pretty and it fits me perfect!  I’m crying because I am so happy to have a nice jacket to wear to school this year and I don’t have to feel embarrassed about how I look.”

– New Beginnings Tampa

“I sleep in my car. The coat you gave me keeps me warm. Before I just had a small blanket and I couldn’t really sleep because I was just shivering all night.”

-Olive Branch Ministries

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the coats you gave to my family. I had no way to buy new coats for my children. Now I can send them to school knowing that they will at least be warm.”

-Friendship House

Thank you Burlington for partnering with us to provide critical relief to communities in need.

YOU can help us create more partnerships like this one. Make a generous gift today and be part of delivering good to the many individuals and families that struggle with poverty, natural disasters, and other hardships.


We are always looking for new partners! If you represent a company that is interested in making a product donation, please visit our Product Donation page. Interested in getting involved outside of product donations? Visit our Corporate Partnership page to learn about the many ways corporations can partner with Delivering Good to support communities in need.