Our Roundtable Series Provides Insights For Empowering Women In Business And Philanthropy

From left: Congresswoman Kathy Manning, Lisa Kaplowitz, Fran Horowitz, Cynthia ‘Cynt’ Marshall, Rear Admiral Aisha K. Mix, Lisa Gurwitch, Janiece Evans-Page, Lori Mitchell-Keller, Jacqueline Novogratz, Michele Le Moal-Gray, Lily Kanter, Meg Crofton, Valerie Grant, Pam Kaufman, James Rhee.

Three-Part Series Available Now for Replay Online

Delivering Good has completed a robust and dynamic three-part series, virtually attended by over 500 people in June, covering leadership, philanthropy and opportunities to support women. The panel discussions are now available here.

“It has been an honor for Delivering Good to gather such an accomplished and inspiring group of speakers representing the top leadership in their fields, each driving change that will impact our futures. Not only did our Women of Inspiration Roundtable Series engage stellar leaders as moderators, role models and speakers, but we also exceeded the fundraising goal of $200,000,” said Lisa Gurwitch, President and Chief Executive Officer, Delivering Good. “We are especially happy that many more people can watch the replay of these events, share them with colleagues, friends and staff, and continue to support us online.”

“Women’s leadership is critical to the mission of Delivering Good, and we have a long history of it. I’m proud to be chair and support our remarkable female CEO and our highly diverse board of women and incredible men. Much of our assistance also helps women and single mothers to reach their full potential,” said Andrea Weiss, Delivering Good Board Chair and Founder/CEO of The O Alliance. “Delivering Good has a vision for a more equitable world in which children, adults, and families facing huge challenges have the useful items that they need to help overcome adversity and build self-esteem.”

Delivering Good presented this roundtable series to celebrate experiences in women’s leadership and offer insights to support women in their journeys. The speakers and panelists shared experiences and lessons about the success of women in business, academics, government, and public service, as well as the impact of gender in the charitable giving space.


The first event included an impressive group of women sharing their unique perspective on the opportunities to gain leadership today, as well as overcoming challenges that women may have in seeking new leadership responsibilities.

“Have the courage and the confidence to make sure that your voice is heard. You were hired because you have a brain, so use your voice. Even if you are just starting out, your perspective is different and unique, and that is valuable to your organization.”
Lisa Kaplowitz, Executive Director of the Center for Women in Business, Rutgers University

“I’ve earned the right to be there and it’s good that I’m there. I take it as an opportunity to show other people what happens when you have a woman or a black person or black woman at the table. It’s an opportunity to educate people and make them want to have more people who look like me.”
Cynthia “Cynt” Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks


Women are playing an increasingly larger role in our charitable giving space in 2021. Representing 51% of total wealth in the United States, with resources exceeding $20 trillion, women are more likely than men to give to virtually all types of charities. This panel explored the emerging power of women in philanthropy, discussing how to better engage women in the philanthropic space and make greater things happen in the philanthropy world.

“Women actually do collaborate better. You’re seeing us pool our resources and we’re definitely using our voice in a different way. I also think we’re not waiting to be asked anymore. We’re impatient in many cases, and we’re going to take the helm at this point and drive the change that we’ve been asking for.”
Janiece Evans-Page, CEO, Tides

“The real change-makers and the best philanthropists, have the humility to see the world as it is, yet the audacity to imagine that we could change it. The ability to fail, get up and try again, comes from knowing that you’re not the most important person, that you are here to serve others. At its essence, that’s what humility is.”
Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Acumen

“I think very successful corporate leaders who enter the world of philanthropy can easily be arrogant because they’ve been so successful. It’s about checking your arrogance at the door. So many enormous sums of money have been put into play unsuccessfully, mainly because they didn’t shut up and listen first.”
Lily Kanter, Founder and CEO, Boon Supply Co and Co-Founder of Serena & Lily

The landscape of challenges that prominent leaders are experiencing in their industries is ever-changing and it is hard to imagine what will come next. This panel discussed how both women and men can prepare for the impact these changes will have, and how to ensure spaces are created for women from all walks of life to thrive.

“Post pandemic, there’s a new appreciation for the type of head and heart leadership that is needed. Things like communication and empathy and transparency and listening, those are the hard things to do day in and day out. And they represent traits that stereotypically are strengths of women.”
Meg Crofton, Former President, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, U.S and France

“Digital transformation is not a technology thing, it’s a process thing and a leadership thing. If you don’t have the processes identified that you want to transform and you don’t have the leadership behind it, nothing will change.”
Lori Mitchell-Keller, Global Head of Industry Solutions for Google Cloud

The committee members for the Women of Inspiration Roundtable Series were led by Co-Chairs Carole Postal and Karen Bromley, and include Megan K. Bannigan, Paula Bennett, Monica Bertran, Gaye Dean, Carole Hochman, Carol Lapidus, Amber Mundinger, Emily Olah, Hebe Schecter, and Beth Tractenberg. Silver Level sponsors that supported the roundtable series are Bloomberg LP, Burlington Stores Inc., Carole Hochman, Centric Brands, Gerber Childrenswear LLC, Global Brands Group, Kaltex America, Lisa Gurwitch, RSM, Spotlight Licensing, and  The O Alliance.

About Delivering Good
Delivering Good is a national nonprofit organization that provides people impacted by poverty and tragedy with new merchandise donated by retailers and manufacturers. Since 1985, Delivering Good has distributed over $2 billion of new clothing, home goods, toys, furniture, books and other consumer products through its network of more than 800 community partners, offering hope, dignity and self-esteem to at-risk children, families and individuals. To learn more about the panel discussions and all of the speakers, please visit:

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