Philanthropy – The Path to Sustainability

When brands align with Delivering Good, they show their customers and associates that they are committed to a cause that is relevant and meaningful – helping kids and families in need. Donating new product to Delivering Good provides an effective solution that allows brands to give back while also preventing otherwise useful goods from ending up in landfills, a growing problem in the retail and fashion industry.

Tomorrow, Delivering Good will be speaking at Licensing Expo , held in Las Vegas from June 4-6. Director of Product Procurement, Merrie Keller, will be addressing sustainability and how companies can incorporate social responsibility within their business operations. The panel will also include Natasha Fisherman, EVP of Marketing at Authentic Brands Group; Laura Wittman, SVP of Compliance at Global Brands Group; and will be moderated by Debra Joester, President and CEO (and Delivering Good Board Member) of The Joester Loria Group. To learn more about the panel, click here.

To learn more about how your company can partner with Delivering Good in order to make a difference and in a charitable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion, please click here or contact us at: [email protected].


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