Product Donor of the Quarter: b.tempt’d

Our product donors are the bread and butter of Delivering Good. Without them, we wouldn’t have an organization! Each quarter, we highlight one of our product donors and how we work together to expand Delivering Good’s mission. This quarter, we sat down with the team at b.tempt’d to talk about the way a properly fitting bra can transform a woman’s life.

In our first year of working together, b.tempt’d has donated over $600,000 worth of new bras through Delivering Good. We asked Kristin DiCunzolo, VP of Ecommerce & Marketing at Wacoal, why b.tempt’d first decided to get involved with Delivering Good. She told us, “Our goal is to get as many bras as possible into the hands of women in need and Delivering Good was able to connect us with their vast network of local organizations across the country to make that happen.”

Delivering Good and b.tempt’d recently teamed up and hosted a bra fitting at Bottomless Closet, giving underserved women the chance to receive new bras that have the right fit. One woman described how the b.tempt’d “bras feel like my boobs got a big hug.” The b.tempt’d team watched every woman that came in walk “out of their fitting with newfound confidence, and in their new b.tempt’d bra.”

Delivering Good and b.tempt’d both know the power of a strong woman. Kristin told us: “We believe that when a woman feels confident, extraordinary things can happen.” b.tempt’d bras give women the confidence they need to take on life’s challenges.

When a bra fits right, it can change a woman’s entire world. Kristin summed it up best: “Wearing a high-quality bra can be a life-changing experience, and b.tempt’d is partnering with Delivering Good to help empower women in need with the confidence that comes from looking and feeling their best.”


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