Why We Give: Li & Fung Limited

Li & Fung Limited is a company with a vision of a better world. Founded with a simple but bold mission – to make life better for the one billion people in their supply chain – the company has grown to more than 250 offices in 40 markets around the world. But they have never lost sight of the need to make strategic investments to improve the lives of those they impact.

After the devastation caused in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina in the USA and deadly mudslides in Malaysia, Rick Darling, then President of LF USA, was asked by Allan Ellinger to brainstorm and help establish a charitable organization that could draw from the passion and capacity of the fashion industry. From those discussions, the organization that would grow into Delivering Good was born. Ever since, Li & Fung has remained at the forefront of Delivering Good’s financial supporters, giving both monetary and in-kind donations that ensure our charitable work can happen effectively all year round.

“For many years, we have partnered with Delivering Good as one of our charities of choice,” says Darling. “Shortly after our first financial contribution in 2005 to help start the charity, we provided office space, support services including IT, shipping and logistics, and storage space.” These contributions, along with financial support and contributions from employees, have made a significant impact on Delivering Good.

From the beginning, Darling recalls that Delivering Good struck him as a different kind of charitable organization. “The one thing about the organization that is quintessential to its mission is the ability to deliver new products and goods. It’s difficult enough for someone to go through devastating hardships, but to be able to present something new shows they are valued, cared for, and supported in getting a fresh start.”

Delivering Good’s work hasn’t just made an impact on victims of poverty or disaster. It has been felt within the offices of Li & Fung as well. “The EROI (Emotional Return on Investment) is tremendous,” Darling reflects. “It has given our employees a personal connection to charitable and corporate goodwill. Delivering Good has 100% transparency and accountability. The operating costs are among the lowest of charitable organizations. It truly lives the values of its name: delivering good to kids and families in need.”

In 2017, Li & Fung provided a grant to become inaugural supporters of Delivering Good’s Disaster Readiness Fund, a comprehensive initiative that will enable the charity to respond more rapidly and effectively to natural disasters. With this gift, Li & Fung has put itself as the forefront of supporters, not only of Delivering Good, but of informed and strategic giving to improve the world.

More than a decade into this partnership, Darling has no hesitation in recommending Delivering Good to other grant-making organizations. “Delivering Good is the industry’s premiere charitable organization. The staff and Board are passionate about the mission, and active in making it a reality. It aligns 100% with our company’s goals and values.”


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