Woman of Inspiration: Carole Hochman

Carole Hochman one of the most respected and influential women in the intimate apparel and sleepwear business in the country. A designer and industry pioneer, Carole Hochman has been creating intimate apparel for more than 30 years. She is the perfect story of a young girl who made her big NYC fashion designer dreams come true.

Carole was the driving force behind the Carole Hochman Design Group, for which she served as Chief Creative Officer until her departure in 2013 and for which she was previously CEO until 2010. Under Carole’s leadership, Carole Hochman Design Group manufactured Carole Hochman brand of sleepwear, loungewear and daywear, plus numerous sleepwear collections for brands such as Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Jockey, Donna Karan, Tommy Bahama and Betsey Johnson. She is known as an expert in translating brand identity for intimate apparel and has an innate ability to identify opportunities and trends and forecast successful endeavors that the rest of the industry quickly follows. One of the first designers to embrace the concept of QVC, recognizing the power of the home shopper, she is true a visionary and innovator. Carole now serves as CEO, Chief Creative Officer and Chairwoman of The Naked Brand Group, which was founded on one basic desire: to create a new standard for how products worn close to the skin fit, feel and function.

 Delivering Good is pleased to be honoring Carole as one of our Women of Inspiration at our Luncheon on June 6. Read more about what inspires this incredible woman!



Carole Hochman,

CEO, Chief Creative Officer and Chairwoman

Naked Brands

In order to be an inspiration, you need to be inspired. As a CEO, what inspires you most on a daily basis? 

I am inspired each day by something that is most likely to be unpredictable and totally unexpected whether it is a new idea, a new meeting, or an opportunity that suddenly comes our way! Sometimes, it is just problem-solving, but every day is an inspiration.

What would you like to learn to do really well? What are doing today to get there?

Learning is part of growing each day.  I read books that challenge me and I just returned from an amazing experience in India.

How do you define your purpose in life?

My purpose has been clear for me through the years. I love the creative process.  Taking an idea and bringing it to a tangible end is my passion.  It can be pajamas or a new recipe.  It can be as small as figuring out how to knit a sweater or as big as building my beautiful house in Connecticut.


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