Women’s History Month – Rita Polidori O’Brien

Today, we honor Rita Polidori O’Brien, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at United Legwear. O’Brien has been a driving force for many of Delivering Good’s initiatives that have helped hundreds of children and families. She first partnered with Delivering Good in 2008 during her time at Earnshaw’s Magazine. The publication has played a central part in spreading our mission and impact throughout the years which in turn, inspired O’Brien to give back whenever possible.

Always one of the first to volunteer her time and support, O’Brien has generously donated her time to accompany Delivering Good on many site visits. “Delivering Good has offered me many opportunities to participate in events and activities,” says O’Brien. “I traveled with Delivering Good to Puerto Rico, which was an incredible opportunity to help people in need and see exactly how efficiently the organization works with local community partners that arrange the distributions.”

O’Brien’s affinity for philanthropy originated while at Fordham University where she noticed the dire needs of the community that surrounded the campus; individuals suffering from poverty, drug addiction, mental illness, and domestic violence. Her passion for giving back was further fueled during her visit to Haiti just months after the devastating 2010 earthquake. O’Brien recalls, “I held an infant and looked in his eyes, feeling that somehow, he’d do the same for me at another time and place. My personal mission is three-pronged: 1. I need to do SOMETHING; 2. Teach my children to give back; 3. Inspire others by doing.” Her efforts don’t stop there. O’Brien has been a key player in the success of our One Million Pairs of Socks campaign in conjunction with Isaac Ash and the American Apparel & Footwear Association.

O’Brien notes, “I’d like to point out that Delivering Good is led by extraordinary women, starting with CEO Lisa Gurwitch. Most of the executive positions are held by women, and the impact that they have on the communities they help is exponentially greater than the size of their organization. It’s a fitting time to applaud the women of Delivering Good, the hard work they do and the positive results that come from their efforts.” Delivering Good thanks Rita Polidori O’Brien for her tremendous dedication to making a difference!

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