Delivering Good

About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

Delivering Good unites retailers, manufacturers, foundations, and individuals to provide people impacted by poverty and tragedy with new
merchandise, effectively distributed through a network of community partners to offer hope, dignity and self-esteem to at-risk children, families,
and individuals.

Our Vision

A more equitable world in which children, adults and families facing economic, medical, social, and environmental challenges have the useful items that they need and value, including clothing, home goods, toys, furniture, shoes, books, and other consumer products, to overcome adversity and help reach their full potential.

What We Do

Who We Help

Delivering Good helps families and individuals dealing with a wide range of social challenges like poverty, homelessness, workforce reentry, and foster care as well as those impacted by natural disasters.

Our Impact

Since our founding, more than $3 billion in donated products have been distributed through our network of community partners, serving individuals and families affected by poverty and disaster across the US and beyond.


Delivering Good provides companies with a sustainable solution for their excess merchandise that puts it in the hands of people in need instead of in landfills.

Organizational Values


Respect. Empathy. Awareness.

We treat everyone with respect, patience, and understanding, and create space for people to express their needs and share their stories without judgement.


Embrace new beginnings. Celebrate small wins.

We believe in the power of kindness. We make sure people know how grateful we are for them and strive to be a consistent, positive force in their lives.


Live with heart. Actions over words.

We are intentional in how we interact with the communities we serve. We listen to their needs and aspirations first; then we do our part to help.


Connection. Inclusion. Community.

We understand that our most significant impact happens when we partner with local and national organizationals who share our goals.


Strategic. Solution-minded.

In our daily work, we are responsive and proactive so the when larger challenges or opportunities arise, we are prepared to move in quick, agile, and coordinated ways.


Prepare for the best. Plan for the worst.

Despite the world being unfair and unpredictable, we believe there id beauty and goodness-especially when we work together. We find motivation in one another.


Integrity. Lead truthfully. Deliver.

We stand by our word and are transparent about what we can and can’t provide. Delivering good is more than the mission of our organization; it’s an ethos we live by.

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History Timeline

K.I.D.S. and Fashion Delivers provide over $45 million of donated merchandise for the Haiti earthquake recovery. K.I.D.S. and Fashion Delivers executes travel to Haiti to see the damage first-hand, and witness the relief efforts.

The devastation caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita is great and the response is met with more than $16.5 million of product from K.I.D.S. and Fasion Delivers a new organization formed by the adult apparel and home industries.

The community Foundation for Greater Buffalo receives $350,000 in product and finds more mothers completed parenting classes when awarded merchandise upon course completion. Additionally, the behavior of children in afterschool programs improved when earned “citizenship stars” could be exchanged for model airplanes and toys.

Relief to Kurdish refugees began with $200,000 worth of merchandise donated flown into Kurdish refugees fleeing Saddam Hussein’s army in Iraq. K.I.D.S. bylaws are amended to direct donated merchandise to international as well as domestic causes.

K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers is renamed Delivering Good. Following an unprecedented wave of natural disasters, Delivering Good mobilized our network of partners and donors to supply more than $150 million worth of new product to impacted communities. Together with Bethenny Frankel’s B Strong Initiative, we provided even more opportunities to bring relief and aid to families building new lives.

Kids In Distressed Situations and Fashion Delivers merge to work with the fashion, home and children’s industries to help kids, adults and families facing poverty and disasters.

Then-Senator Barack Obama speaks about America’s “empathy deficit” at the benefit gala for K.I.D.S. and Fashion Delivers. The first annual Women of Inspiration Luncheon features 60 Minutes Co-anchor Leslie Stahl as the guest speaker.

Third annual ‘K.I.D.S. for Kids’ event takes place on June 14 at United Nations Delegate Dining Room in NYC, with special honorary Chairperson First Lady Barbara Bush in attendance.

Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) was founded by children’s industry executives Karen Bromley, Fred Brown, Ezra Dabah, Andy Kahn, Carol Reisman, Mike Searles and Barabara Toback. Within 60 days, K.I.D.S. donated $250,000 of merchandise to the Adventist Development and Relief Agency to assist Ethiopian children suffering