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Good for Our People and Our Planet

Delivering Good sits at the crossroads of social impact and environmental sustainability, providing companies with a responsible solution for their excess inventory that creates positive social impact across a wide range of issues. Since our founding in 1986 we have put more than $3 billion in new merchandise in the hands of people who need it instead of landfills.

It’s a win for our people and our planet.

Social Impact

Delivering Good provides our product donors with a simple way to make big social impact with their excess new merchandise by putting it into the hands of people who need it instead of landfills.

By providing new items that would otherwise be out of reach, Delivering Good helps individuals and families dealing with a wide range of social issues including poverty, homelessness, workforce reentry, foster care, and domestic violence as well as people who have been impacted by natural disasters. 

Our focus on NEW merchandise means that we provide more than just things, but the dignity, pride, and self-confidence that comes with receiving something new.

Environmental Sustainability

Delivering Good’s solution, connecting new merchandise that would otherwise go to waste with people in need, provides companies with a simple way to handle their excess inventory. Together, we are redirecting millions of units of perfectly good, new merchandise from the waste stream each year into the hands of people who need it.

Last year alone, we provided a sustainable solution for nearly 10 million units of new product that went to help individuals and families dealing with poverty and disaster instead of into landfills.

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