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One Millon Pairs of Socks Campaign

Did You Know?

Socks are the single most requested item by homeless shelters.

They are also one of the least donated items.


Goal: One Million Pairs of Socks

In 2016, Isaac Ash, Founder and President of United Legwear and Apparel Co., challenged his colleagues to donate one million pairs of socks to help the homeless. What started as a friendly challenge has turned into an initiative that provides a sense of hope and comfort to the hundreds of thousands of people across the US who are living with homelessness, poverty, and other challenges.

Over 12 Million Pairs of Socks Since 2016!

The campaign that started as a challenge to collect 1 million socks has, to date, inspired the donation of more than 12 million new pairs of socks for families and individuals in need.

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