Delivering Good

Women of Impact Summit

Set in the elegant milieu of 583 Park Avenue in New York City, the Delivering Good Women of Impact Summit 2024 convened last week, drawing nearly 250 attendees. This significant event not only raised almost $300,000 but also underscored the deep commitment of its participants to foster change and empowerment.

This summit was more than just a fundraising event; it was a vibrant showcase of empowerment, leadership, and the transformative influence of business as a catalyst for societal good. Featuring influential women from diverse sectors, the summit highlighted how personal experiences and professional achievements can combine to effect positive change.

DG Brand Ambassador Daiane Sodre shared her compelling “rags to riches” story, detailing her early struggles with poverty and how these experiences drove her to align with Delivering Good. Her narrative set the tone for a day of inspiring stories and actionable insights.

Keynote Speaker Mélanie d’Achon from Waymo explored the importance of strategic partnerships in advancing corporate social responsibility. Impact Speakers included Fern Mallis, the visionary founder of New York Fashion Week, and designer Cynthia Rowley. Both spoke about their career paths, emphasizing creativity and leadership in the fashion industry and beyond. Their discussions not only highlighted their personal successes but also their dedication to using their platforms for social impact.

The panel discussions, moderated by Monica Bertran of Bloomberg LP, Andrea Weiss of The O Alliance, and Amber Mundinger from L-Acoustics, featured powerful contributions from Susan Jurevics of Audible, Heather McIntosh of The Alliance for Women Film Composers, and Hesta Prynn, a DJ and Licensed Clinical Therapist. These women shared their insights on mentorship, empowerment, and purpose-driven leadership, exploring how leading with intention can make a significant impact in today’s complex global landscape.

A key highlight of this year’s summit was the $15,000 match challenge, supported by Centric Brands, MMG, and anonymous donors, aimed at doubling the impact of donations. With the June 30 deadline approaching, the organization is close to meeting this challenge and is urging the community for further support.

The summit’s reach extended well beyond its immediate surroundings, serving as a clarion call for ongoing support and activism. Delivering Good’s campaign for additional donors highlights the continued need to support vulnerable communities with essential resources such as clothing, educational materials, and more.

The 2024 Women of Impact Summit was a celebration of today’s female leaders and a reinforcement of their essential roles in shaping a more equitable world. The personal stories and leadership insights shared at the summit provided powerful reminders of the vast impact each individual can make.

Attendees left the summit inspired and more deeply committed to contributing to a legacy of empowerment and transformation. The Delivering Good Women of Impact Le Summit remains a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of collective action in addressing global challenges.