Delivering Good

Delivering Dignity

Community Partner, the Candace Way Out Foundation, which exists to raise awareness and provide temporary safe haven/shelter or home for victims who are experiencing domestic or sexual abuse, received a donation of new Bombas socks that were distributed to some of the children and families they serve who are dealing with homelessness. Their story shows how the products we provide are more than just things for the people who receive them. Because the merchandise we distribute is new, we’re giving recipients a sense of dignity and pride as well.

“When we arrive at one of our homeless shelters, the kids cheer when they see we have Bombas socks. They jump up and down and can’t wait to get them. When we tell them they can have more than one pair they can’t believe it. They report they are “perfect socks” and “all the “regular kids” at school have them”. That they feel “normal” always pulls at the heart.”

Thank you to the Candace Way Out Foundation for your partnership for making such an incredible impact with the products you receive from Delivering Good!