Delivering Good

DG In Action!

The Delivering Good team spent the day at a warehouse in Secaucus, NJ distributing a large donation of hats and gloves to a number of our community partners from NY just in time for the cold winter weather. Partners arrived at the warehouse and left with their vehicles filled with boxes of donated winter accessories.


Thanks to the legacy of Larry Stanton and Students Going the Extra Mile, 160,000 pairs of warm gloves and 20,000 knit hats were provided to our partners who will ensure they get on the hands and heads of the men, women, and children they serve.

With nearly 2.7 million people in NY State living in poverty, the need for warm clothing and accessories is great, especially at this time of year when the temperatures drop. With the help of our community partners, we’ll help ensure that those in need receive some warmth and comfort this season.