Delivering Good

USC Partnership

Delivering Good is pleased to announce a new partnership with the University of South Carolina’s Department of Retailing. Announced on January 17, 2024, this collaboration focuses on industry philanthropy, sustainability, and innovation. Our joint venture with the University enables students to actively participate in making a global impact, combining education and real-world experiences.

“We are so excited to be collaborating with an organization that is driving positive change and serving a critical need in the retail industry and the world,” says South Carolina Department of Retailing Chair Jeff Campbell. “Working together we can help Delivering Good make an even bigger impact while also enriching our students’ education with career potential. Our goal is to help students understand philanthropy as a critical part of leadership and corporate operations success.”

This partnership aligns with our mission at Delivering Good, where we’ve distributed over $3 billion in new merchandise to aid those affected by poverty and disaster. We’re excited about the potential this collaboration holds for expanding our impact while providing students with invaluable learning opportunities.





Through this alliance, USC students will engage in research and practical projects related to disaster response innovation and environmental social governance in retail.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with the University of South Carolina’s Department of Retailing and see many opportunities to engage the faculty and students in our work connecting excess new merchandise with individuals and families dealing with poverty and disaster,” said Delivering Good President & CEO Matthew Fasciano. “The University offers an abundance of resources that will help us do more good for the people we serve and I look forward to our work together.”

The USC Department of Retailing’s focus on practical experience and industry partnerships perfectly complements our goals, and we are excited about the new perspectives and initiatives this collaboration will bring.

Read the full release about our partnership here.