Delivering Good

USC’s Social Media Report

Delivering Good has teamed up with the University of South Carolina’s Department of Retailing to enhance our social impact through targeted research. This partnership marks a significant step in our journey, as students and faculty dedicated an afternoon to present their findings on improving our social media strategies.

Using the Keyhole social media monitoring tool, the team delved into our Twitter and Instagram usage, providing actionable insights to amplify our outreach. Their recommendations focused on enhancing our thought leadership, public relations, and crisis response strategies—essential for our mission to support those affected by poverty and disasters.

This collaboration is not just about research; it’s a real-world learning experience for students, preparing Gen Z with hands-on marketing and communication skills. Special thanks to associate professor Sang-Eun Byun and the dedicated students, Alice Stephenson, Tati Stancin, Amelia Marsh, and Ashley Snead, for their hard work and innovative ideas.

We’re thrilled about this unique approach and look forward to implementing the research into our social strategy while continuing our impactful partnership with USC! For more details on this innovative partnership and to see the full impact of this collaboration, check out the full article here.

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